Historic Road Trip from Accra to London by 13 Ghanaians

Accra to london

A team of intrepid explorers, consisting of twelve men and one woman, has set out on an extraordinary journey. This trip covers an astonishing 10,000 kilometers from Accra, Ghana, all the way to London, UK. Their mission is not just a feat of distance but a celebration of adventure and the indomitable human spirit.

A Historic Accomplishment

With an estimated arrival in London on Sunday, August 6, or Monday, August 7, 2023, the team’s daring expedition marks a historic milestone in cross-continental travel.

Inspired by Exploration

Speaking from Spain during an interview on Accra-based Peace FM, team member Saka revealed their motivation for this audacious endeavor. Inspired by tales of people traveling to Ghana and other African nations from foreign countries, they decided to reverse the narrative and embark on this thrilling adventure.

Accra to London

An Adventure of Fun and Exploration

“We are explorers, and we are doing this for fun,” one of the team members shared enthusiastically. This audacious journey allows them to showcase their adventurous spirit and passion for exploration.

Overcoming Challenges and Borders

With curiosity about the logistics, the host inquired about their visas and navigating the various borders along the way. Their courageous expedition has captivated the imagination of many. Followers monitor as they navigate through diverse cultures and challenges en route Accra to London.

Eagerly Awaiting the Celebrated Arrival

As they leave Barcelona after a brief stop-over in the Spanish town, people from all walks of life eagerly await their safe arrival in London. Their incredible feat and indomitable spirit are sure to be celebrated, inspiring many to embrace the joy of adventure and the endless possibilities of the human spirit.