Expanding Horizons: The Rising Lions’ Educational Initiative

Rising Lions

In an effort to foster cross-cultural understanding and educational exchange, The Rising Lions e.V (TRL) is gearing up for an exciting international exchange program this year.

The idea was born out of a joint action during the German Days Celebration last year, when The Rising Lions (TRL) organized a Senior High School carpentry competition with the support of Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK), BOSCH and EJOT. This event served as the stepping stone to the upcoming student exchange program between Berufsschule Miltenberg-Obernburg, a vocational school in Germany and the winning team of the competition, Abor Senior High School (Aborsco) in Ghana.

Winner of Carpentry Competition-Abor Senio High School ( Aborsco)
Winner of Carpentry Competition-Abor Senior High School ( Aborsco)

As participants are given this chance, they get exposed to different cultures, their crafts become richer, there is new friendship created while knowledge is shared and personal growth as well. Students who aspire to be carpenters or wood mechanics can hardly wait as they want to have wider experience and practice their skill at global level since “each one – teach one” is what The Rising Lions (TRL) stand for. Underpinning goals of this alliance lies in its vision that education should be improved so that children from Ghana can have a better future.

Raising Funds

Preparations for the exchange are well underway, with students at the German vocational school taking proactive steps to raise funds for the trip. One notable fundraising effort includes the sale of muffins and other treats to their fellow students, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to making the exchange program a success.

Some students and Staff of Miltenberg-Obernburg Vocational School making a cash donation to The Rising Lions Team
Some students and Staff of Miltenberg-Obernburg Vocational School making a cash donation to The Rising Lions Team

Additionally, prior to initiating their fundraising activities, the students and staff of vocational school rallied together just before the festive season to support a cause close to their hearts. Organized by the Student Council (SMV), a fundraiser was held, featuring homemade cookies and gingerbread treats, all sold with a purpose, to make a difference in the lives of others. They donated their proceeds to the chosen beneficiary, TRL, which will go a long way to aid the preparations for the exchange program.

The Rising Lions

Later this year, a delegation comprising five students, a teacher, and a member from TRL will embark on a transformative journey to Ghana, spanning ten days. This visit promises to be the beginning for cross-cultural learning and collaboration. In turn, the Ghanaian participants will reciprocate the hospitality with a return visit to Germany.

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