Trump’s Legal Team Meets with Special Counsel Amidst Looming Federal Indictment

Donald Trump

In a highly anticipated meeting, Donald Trump’s legal team met with Special Counsel Jack Smith to discuss the potential indictment looming over the former president. Sources familiar with the matter have said that the meeting concluded without Trump’s team receiving any specific guidance on the timing of a possible indictment.

The meeting came after Smith sent a letter earlier this month, indicating that Trump was a target of the investigation. However, the former president had been skeptical about the need for the meeting, as he believed the indictment was already a foregone conclusion, according to sources familiar with his thinking.

Meanwhile, the grand jury, responsible for examining evidence related to the special counsel’s probe into Trump and his allies’ attempts to overturn the 2020 election, convened at the federal courthouse in Washington, DC.

trump's legal team

Trump’s legal team was hopeful that the meeting with Smith’s team might at least postpone any potential indictment plans scheduled for Thursday. People briefed on the plans revealed that the lawyers also intended to discuss the logistics of how an indictment and possible arraignment of the former president would proceed.

The former president’s political and legal strategy has been centered around delaying any potential trials . He even aims to push them beyond the 2024 election. This approach aims to create an uncomfortable situation for the Justice Department.

This situation marks the second time that Donald Trump is facing potential charges presented by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team. Previously, they charged him in Florida in connection with the mishandling of classified documents from his White House. Prosecutors had previously notified Trump that he was a target of that particular investigation.

The outcome of this meeting has left many closely watching for further developments. The potential indictment adds to the ongoing legal challenges and political landscape surrounding Donald Trump. The meeting’s implications and the course of action from both parties involved will continue to unfold in the days to come.