Solar Taxi: Pioneering Electric Vehicle Assembly in Ghana

Electric Vehicle Assembly in Ghana

Solar Taxi, a pioneer in electric vehicle assembly in Ghana, welcomes Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to explore the future of sustainable and affordable electric mobility in the country. Ghana’s green transportation revolution is surely on the rise as Solar Taxi, the country’s pioneering electric vehicle assembler, continues to gain recognition for its innovative and sustainable approach to mobility. During a visit to SolarTaxi on September 27, 2023, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia lauded the company’s efforts and explored the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in Ghana.

Solar Taxi has emerged as the third-largest electric vehicle assembler in Africa, specializing in the assembly of motorcycles, cars, and buses. Dr. Bawumia’s visit underscored the importance of embracing electric mobility, not only as a means of reducing carbon emissions but also as a practical solution to address rising transportation costs.

Solar Taxi’s Achievments

One of Solar Taxi’s standout achievements is basically the development of buses with remarkable range capabilities. Dr. Bawumia had the pleasure of experiencing a Solar Taxi bus that can travel from Accra to Kumasi without needing a recharge. This achievement represents a significant stride toward sustainable long-distance travel within Ghana.

Moreover, Solar Taxi is actively engaged in converting existing internal combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles, aligning with global efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependence. This commitment to retrofitting vehicles opens doors for Ghanaians to contribute to environmental sustainability by electrifying their existing vehicles.

Solar Taxi – A Pioneer of Electric Vehicle Assembly in Ghana

Economic Advantages

Highlighting the economic advantages of electric vehicles, Dr. Bawumia emphasized that the government is working on a comprehensive policy framework to integrate electric vehicles into public transport systems across Ghana. Such a move is expected to significantly reduce transportation costs, with fuel and spare parts being major contributors to the current expenses.

In a groundbreaking move, Solar Taxi, in partnership with its banking institutions, is facilitating vehicle ownership by providing financing options for motorcycles, cars, and buses without the need for collateral. All the potential owner needs is a Ghana Card ID, allowing individuals to acquire these eco-friendly vehicles and pay for them over time. This initiative aims to democratize access to EVs, making them accessible to a broader segment of the population.

Solar Taxi’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is noteworthy, with an average employee age of 26 and an impressive 90 percent of engineers being female. This showcases the company’s dedication to fostering young talent and empowering women in the male-dominated field of engineering.

Vice President Dr. Bawumia encouraged public transportation entities, such as Metro Mass, STC, and Ayalolo, to seize the opportunity presented by Solar Taxi’s innovative solutions and acquire more electric buses. His words echoed the collective belief that the sky is the limit for Solar Taxi and the future of electric mobility in Ghana.

As Ghana accelerates toward a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem, Solar Taxi stands at the forefront, also embodying the nation’s commitment to embracing the future of electric vehicles.