Snake charmer fatally bitten by cobra while attempting a kiss

cobra being charmed

In a horrifying incident during a village show in Indonesia, a snake charmer met a fatal fate when he got bitten by his pet cobra while he attempted to kiss it. Abdul Munir, a 20-year-old performer, was teasing the deadly reptile on the dusty ground near his home in Central Java, Indonesia. As soon as he leaned in to kiss the cobra, it struck back, sinking its venomous fangs into his nose.

The venom quickly spread through Abdul’s bloodstream, paralyzing his vital organs. Rushed to the local clinic, his life hung in the balance, but medics were unable to revive him before sending him to a hospital. Tragically, Abdul was pronounced dead at the Kusuma Wardani Clinic in the village of Jatiharjo.

The incident occurred at around 4:45 pm and was reported at 7:20 pm, according to Adjunct Commissioner Siswanto, Chief of the Panunggalan Sector Police. He recounted how Abdul was bitten on the nose by the cobra as he attempted to kiss the snake’s head, resulting in dizziness and a fatal fall. Despite the efforts of local residents to evacuate him to a health service, Abdul succumbed to the venom while being treated at the clinic.

Video footage shows snake charmer getting bitten by a cobra

snake charmer bitten by cobra
Snake charmer bit by cobra after trying to kiss it.

Video footage captured the moment of the fatal attack, showing Abdul and the cobra coming face-to-face during the show. Suddenly, the snake lunged at his face, clamping onto his nose with its venomous fangs.

Abdul and his friends had been making money by performing primitive snake charming shows in various villages within the Grobogan Regency. The group of reptile enthusiasts would entertain locals and receive tips in return for their performances. However, this deadly hustle came to a tragic end following the incident in the Pulokulon district.

The police have advised against continuing such dangerous activities, emphasizing the risks involved in dealing with venomous snakes like cobras. Cobras are known as one of the world’s deadliest snakes, with their venom attacking the nervous system, causing paralysis, respiratory failure, and death.

While cobras may also deliver ‘dry bites’ without venom as a warning, the unfortunate encounter with Abdul resulted in a venomous strike, leading to the devastating outcome.

The loss of Abdul Munir has left his community in grief and serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers posed by dealing with these deadly creatures. The incident has prompted his friends to abandon their perilous hobby, recognizing the high risks involved in the practice of snake charming.

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