Sanctions on Niger, ECOWAS Declares No-Fly Zone

ECOWAS Imposes Sanctions on Niger, Declares No-Fly Zone. West African leaders have taken decisive action against Niger following the recent military coup d’état in the country. In an emergency meeting at the ECOWAS headquarters in Abuja, Niger was declared a no-fly zone, therefore, restricting all commercial flights to and from almost all West African countries.

Sanctions on Niger

The communiqué released after the summit outlined the following resolutions:

  1. Affirming that President Mohamed Bazoum is the legitimate elected President and Head of State of Niger, recognized by ECOWAS, the African Union, and the international community. Only official acts of President Bazoum or his duly mandated officials will be recognized by ECOWAS.
  2. Condemning in the strongest terms the attempted overthrow of constitutional order in Niger. Also, the illegal detention of President Mohamed Bazoum, as well as members of his family and government.
  3. Calling for the immediate release and reinstatement of President Mohamed Bazoum as the President and Head of State of Niger and for the full restoration of constitutional order in the country.
  4. Rejecting any form of resignation that may purportedly come from President Mohamed Bazoum.
  5. Considering the illegal detention of President Bazoum as a hostage situation and holding the authors of the attempted coup d’état solely responsible for his safety and security. As well as that of his family and government officials.
  6. Warning that if the Authority’s demands are not met within one week, measures to restore constitutional order in Niger, including the use of force, will be taken. The Chiefs of Defense Staff of ECOWAS are to meet immediately.
  7. Holding accountable all those responsible for violence and terror against innocent citizens and residents.
  8. Condemning the pronouncement of support by foreign governments and foreign private military contractors.

In response to the coup attempt, ECOWAS has implemented immediate measures, including:

  1. Closure of land and air borders between ECOWAS countries and Niger.
  2. Institution of a no-fly zone for all commercial flights to and from Niger.
  3. Suspension of all commercial and financial transactions between ECOWAS Member States and Niger.
  4. Freeze of all service transactions, as well as utility services.
  5. Freeze of assets of the Republic of Niger in ECOWAS Central Banks.
  6. Freeze of assets of the Niger State and State Enterprises and Parastatals in Commercial Banks.
  7. Suspension of Niger from all financial assistance and transactions with financial institutions, particularly BID and BOAD.
  8. Imposing a travel ban and asset freeze on military officials involved in the coup attempt, as well as their family members and civilians participating in any institutions or government established by these military officials.
  9. Calls on WAEMU and all other regional bodies to implement these decisions.

The sanctions and restrictions are aimed at sending a strong message against any attempts to disrupt constitutional order and uphold democratic principles in the West African region.