NLC President: Tinubu Opted for Private Jet to Cut Costs

Tinubu Private Jet

Tinubu Private Jet: Labour leader Joe Ajaero has shed light on a private meeting between President Bola Tinubu and organised labour amid nationwide protests over rising living costs. Ajaero disclosed that during the meeting, Tinubu highlighted his efforts to reduce the presidential fleet and overall governance expenses.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Ajaero revealed that the labour leaders raised questions about government officials’ need to tighten their belts, prompting Tinubu to explain his approach to staff size, a point of criticism.

The Case

Tinubu presented his case, emphasizing that the hiring of numerous Senior Advisers (SAs) and “SAs to SAs” contributes to job creation. He cited his own example, mentioning his large fleet of cars which he attempted to downsize, but this raised security concerns.

Furthermore, Tinubu shared that he preferred using his private jet to cut costs, but was advised against it due to security reasons, insisting that he should use the government jet. He also noted that he resides in a modest two-bedroom flat and is actively working to minimize expenditures, including discussions with his staff.

Ajaero recounted Tinubu’s words, “He’s trying as much as possible to tighten his belt and he will try as much as possible to talk to his people working with him. So, I don’t know what that means.”

The meeting

The meeting between President Tinubu and the NLC aimed to address concerns about the rising cost of living in Nigeria, which triggered nationwide protests. Ajaero’s insights shed light on Tinubu’s perspectives on cost reduction strategies within the government.

Tinubu’s efforts to curtail expenses in his personal and official capacities reflect a broader conversation about reducing the cost of governance in the country. The discussion also underscores the complex challenges of balancing fiscal responsibility with security considerations for high-ranking officials.

As the nation grapples with economic challenges, the disclosure of Tinubu’s efforts could have implications for future policy decisions and discussions on cost-cutting measures across various sectors of the Nigerian government.

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