MOGmusic Aims to Elevate Ghanaian Gospel Music


MOGmusic, renowned for his collaboration with American gospel legend Donnie McClurkin on the track “Be Lifted,” is poised to leverage his newfound recognition in the United States to uplift Ghanaian gospel musicians onto the international platform.

In a recent interview on Daybreak Hitz, the Ghanaian artist expressed his determination to propel Ghanaian music onto the world stage, particularly in the highly influential American music market. Recognizing America’s significance in the music industry, MOGmusic emphasized the potential for Ghanaian artists to make their mark and showcase the quality of music from Ghana to a global audience.

Collaboration with Donnie

Reflecting on his collaboration with Donnie McClurkin, MOGmusic shared the profound impact it has had on his career, allowing him to forge connections with esteemed artists such as Cece Winans, Israel Houghton, and the Winans Brothers. He expressed gratitude for McClurkin’s mentorship and support, acknowledging the invaluable opportunities it has afforded him in the US music scene.

Inspired by his own journey, MOGmusic has launched Levites Records, a record label aimed at nurturing and promoting young Ghanaian gospel musicians. Through Levites Records, he intends to provide emerging artists with a platform to showcase their talent and expand their reach both locally and internationally.

Ghanaian Gospel must grow

“I want Ghanaian gospel musicians to grow,” MOGmusic affirmed, emphasizing his commitment to fostering the development of the local music industry. However, he also cautioned that his connections are precious assets that he intends to share judiciously to ensure mutual benefit for all parties involved.

With the successful conclusion of the tenth edition of his New Wine concert in Accra, MOGmusic’s vision for the future of Ghanaian gospel music appears promising. By leveraging his experiences and connections, he aims to facilitate the emergence of Ghanaian artists onto the global stage while preserving the integrity and authenticity of their music.

As MOGmusic continues to champion the cause of Ghanaian gospel music, his efforts represent a significant step towards elevating the country’s music industry to greater heights on the international scene.

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