Bui Power Considers Wind Power for Renewable Energy

The Bui Power Authority (BPA) is exploring the potential of constructing a wind energy plant in Anloga, located in the Volta Region of Ghana. This initiative, therefore, stems from a recent study revealing that the Anloga District boasts the highest wind speed conducive to generating electricity for the national grid.

CEO of the Bui Power Authority, Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, announced the endeavor ahead of the inauguration of a GH¢1 million one-storey six-unit classroom block constructed by BPA for the Anloga-Avete D/A Basic School. While expressing the importance of leveraging renewable energy resources, Mr. Dzamesi emphasized the district’s wind energy potential, highlighting its capacity to render the region self-sufficient in electricity and provide significant employment opportunities for the youth.

The commitment to developing renewable energy aligns with BPA’s mandate to harness all forms of renewable energy, including wind power. Mr. Dzamesi underscored the significance of expeditiously implementing the power plant project in Anloga.

Volta Region’s Importance to Energy Generation

Acknowledging the Volta Region’s pivotal role in BPA’s renewable energy initiatives, Mr. Dzamesi referenced the Tsatsadu Generating Station, a micro hydro generating station in Alavanyo, as a testament to the region’s contribution to Ghana’s energy landscape.

In addition to advancing renewable energy, BPA remains committed to fostering educational development in communities. The inauguration of the classroom block reflects BPA’s dedication to promoting quality education. Mr. Dzamesi emphasized education’s crucial role in sustainable development and affirmed every child’s right to access quality education.

Seth Yormewu, Chief Executive of the Anloga District Assembly, appealed for further support to enhance the learning environment at the Anloga-Avete D/A Basic School. He emphasized the necessity of new furniture, a computer laboratory, recreational areas, and changing rooms to augment the school’s facilities.

Bui Power Authority
The new classroom block

George Agbanyo, Headmaster of Anloga Avete D/A Basic School, expressed gratitude for the timely completion of the new classroom block, which signifies the fifth addition to the school’s infrastructure since its establishment in 1951.

Dominic Dzanado, Anloga District Director of Education, assured that the school would be maintained as a model institution, equipped with the necessary resources to facilitate effective learning.

Makolives Ventures Limited initiated the classroom block project, on March 9, 2023, and finally completed within nine months.

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