Al-Ittihad’s offer to Mohamed Salah Matches Ronaldo and Neymar’s

offer to Mohammed Salah

Al-Ittihad’s offer to Mohamed Salah Matches Ronaldo and Neymar’s Deals – A new chapter in football’s narrative is about to unfold as Saudi club Al-Ittihad sets its sights on a colossal move – a record-breaking bid for Premier League sensation Mohamed Salah. The potential offer, said to soar to an astounding 150 million euros (approximately 162 million U.S. dollars), is poised to rewrite Saudi Arabian football history.

A Monumental Deal on the Horizon: Al-Ittihad’s offer to Mohamed Salah

This proposed deal outlines an eye-popping 108 million U.S. dollars in guaranteed compensation, coupled with an extra 54 million U.S. dollars contingent on performance-based incentives. If greenlit, this agreement could eclipse all others in the Saudi League, emerging as the most commanding contract the league has ever witnessed. With a salary package likened to the earnings of football titans Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, Al-Ittihad is banking on luring Salah into a groundbreaking move to Saudi Arabia.

A Tug of War Over the Egyptian Star

Despite Al-Ittihad’s grand overtures, Salah’s current club, Liverpool, remains steadfast in resisting any potential transfer of their star player. Echoing this sentiment, Salah’s agent, Rami Abbas, recently highlighted that if there were any intentions to leave Liverpool, the contract wouldn’t have been extended last summer.

The renewed contract, also extended by an additional two years, solidifies Salah’s status as Liverpool’s highest-paid player. Despite the enticing offer from Al-Ittihad, Salah’s loyalty to Liverpool appears unshaken – at least for the present.

Al-Ittihad’s offer to Mohamed Salah Matches Ronaldo and Neymar’s Deals

Optimism Amidst Challenges

Amidst the transfer turmoil, the Saudi Federation retains optimism, underpinned by the highly competitive salary Al-Ittihad is dangling in front of Salah. This salary, reportedly in the realm of the staggering 216 million U.S. dollars earned annually by Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, aims to leverage the player’s interest. With a blend of performance bonuses and endorsement earnings, the Federation’s hopes hinge on enticing the player with a remuneration that not only matches but potentially surpasses that of football’s giants.

Mohamed Salah: Football’s Phenomenon

Hailing from Egypt, Mohamed Salah has etched his name as a football icon, continuously astonishing audiences with his on-field prowess and becoming a pivotal figure in the sport. As offers like Al-Ittihad’s come his way, it elevates the benchmark for football stardom, opening doors for aspiring talents from the region to dream of leaving their mark on the grand football stage.